14 Oct
The Biden Tax Proposal - Reading Between the Lines - Who it Effects, How & What To Do Now


On September 13th the House Ways and Means Committee released the Biden Tax Proposal.  This legislation encompasses a wide range of tax issues that on the surface seems to impact Single tax filers over $400,000 of income and Married filers of $450,000.  However, if you read between the lines, you will see:

--Who is impacted the most; hint, its not the ultra wealthy!
--How high your federal tax rate can actually go
--Learn about the new Marriage Penalty
--What the cut to the Estate & Gift tax exclusion will mean to your heirs
--If enacted, how this will be the second significant tax grab to your retirement accounts
--How everyone, regardless of income, will see rates go higher in 2026

Although not yet law, these proposals create a range of planning opportunities both ongoing and immediately.  Learn in this webinar how to be proactive before the legislation is passed and certain planning strategies are closed!

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Date and Time

Thu, Oct 14, 2021

6:30p - 7:30p EST



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